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In case of emergency tune to AM radio 1700
and monitor 444.525MHZ + 103.5 or FRS Channel 2

The Issaquah CERT program recently received the "Preparing the Whole Community" award at the 2016 30th Anniversary National CERT Conference
This award is presented to an organization, program, or jurisdiction that successfully engages the whole community to improve disaster preparedness and resilience; encourage and explores ways to develop whole community partnerships; and advocates a grassroots approach to emergency planning.

Read more about it here.

Upcoming Events & Classes:
Oct. 22 or 29 CERT Skill Refresher Clinic - previous graduates and current students are welcome to join us and get a refresher on areas they feel need a little work, or show up and be suprised at what you remember.
Nov. 9 CERT class final drill - previouse graduates are encouraged to join us for another exciting final drill.  You can play the role a team lead, team member, EOC staff, moulage victim, or various other roles.
Nov. 19 Flood Flyer Distribution - previous graduates are needed to activate as we do our annual flood flyer distribution for the city.  You will meet other ICC members, maybe learn parts of the city you didn't know, and depending who shows up get the chance to use radio communication.
Dec. 3 & 10 HAM Radio Technician class - Issaquah Amatuer Radio Club will be offering a 2-day class to help you get your Technician Class license.  Testing will take place at the end of the 2nd day.

Issaquah Citizen Corps is comprised of community volunteers who donate time and expertise to help prepare and train our community to be ready in emergencies.  We offer various training to teach you what you need to know to care for your family, friends, and neighbors when mother nature and the normal infrastructure aren't cooperating.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training is the typical starting point for those looking to get involved.  This will teach you the basics you need to know if case of emergencies.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is for medical professionals and those willing to offer non-medical support them when a situation occurs requiring extra medical assistance for the community.

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) is a program to get you and your neighbors together and learn about each other, with the goal to be ready in emergencies or to just help when assistance is needed.

We also offer practice with emergency communications.  When bad things happen one of the first things to disappear is standard means of communications.  During the CERT class we try to get you comfortable use basic handheld FRS radios.  Many members are also licensed amateur (HAM) radio operators.   
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